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Catch reports for 2006

Each Year's Catch reports:- 


Another lovely 10lb+ Carp for Paul Horibin Young Daniel Purton of New Quay with his 6 1/2lb Carp caught using Sweetcorn on a cold dayAlthough January has been a cold month our location near to the coast affords us some shelter and while those around us have had frozen lakes we were only completely iced over for a couple of days. This means that our water temperature are not low and fish are still on the feed.

Plenty of Carp are coming out on sausage, luncheon meat and floating bread. Paul Horobin of Newtown using halibut pellets had 9 Carp to 11½ lb; Nick Clements used floating bread on a number of occasions, his best session produced 17 fish to 9lb. Lee Whitfield of Llanarth using sausage had several sessions producing over 9 carp mainly in the 4-5lb range with the occasional double. Daniel Purton of New Quay, a youth and newcomer to fishing, on a cold day stuck it out and using sweet corn had four carp to 6½lb, a 1lb Bream and many good roach around the 12oz to 1lb mark. Peter Seaton of Aberystwyth had two trout at 2lb and 3lb then went coarse fishing ending the day with several carp including a Grass Carp and a 10lb common.

Nineoaks now has a Fishing Club run by the members with an active membership and calendar. A number of other fisheries are scheduled for the coming months. Next trip will be to Boscherton Lakes for a days pike fishing. Club membership has a number of benefit’s including Night Fishing at Nineoaks, discount in the fishery tackle shop and 3rd party liability insurance that includes cover for members when on non-club fishing trips. Please call the fishery or club secretary (07) for a membership application form.

Despite recent stories regarding Otter attacks and other predators at the fishery we are still maintaining good stock levels in the Trout lakes. Most fish are being caught on buzzers, blood worm and Green bodied Montana’s about 18” to 2 feet down. Most anglers are bagging up. Peter Seaton of Aberystwyth had two trout at 2lb and 3lb. One angler from New Quay using red and black buzzer or bloodworm on a catch and release ticket had 12 fish averaging 2½lb. Pals Simon and Andy from New Quay on a catch and release ticket using a black buzzer had a total of 26 fish between them.

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Coarse Fishing:

young Harry Studt of New Quay (Wales) with a 6 1/2lb Common Carp. Paul Wells of Burryport, Llanelli with a 10 1/4lb common caught late in the evening which is a good time for Carp at Nineoaks

young Harry Studt of New Quay (Wales) with a 6½lb Common.

Paul Wells of Burryport, Llanelli with a 10 1/4lb common.

With the weather now warming up following the recent cold spell many fish can now be seen rolling on the surface. Here on the coast in mid-Wales it is now very mild and signs are that the fish are already beginning to get ready for spawning.

Many anglers are catching good bags of roach, bream, carp and the occasional Tench. Best fish recently from our House pool has been a 3lb Roach followed by a 6lb Tench. Both caught by Mr Pickering of Swadlincote in Derbyshire well out into the pool using a mixture of particles and maggots. Several families have had great fun fishing in our Junior pool with plenty of kids catching some fine roach, carp and skimmers.

In the Main pool plenty of quality fish are being caught on all bait’s with Luncheon meat, Bacon grill and Bread being the staple bait’s with Maggots and sweet corn also doing well. Recent catches have included 3lb Bream, 4lb Tench, 1lb plus Roach and plenty of Carp between 2lb and 8lb.

Relative new comer to coarse fishing Harry Studt of New Quay (Wales) had a 6½lb Common from the margins using bacon grill and a newcomer trying Nineoaks for the first time, Paul Wells of Burryport, Llanelli had a 10 1/4lb common as dusk was closing in after having caught many Carp and Roach during the day.

Many other anglers have been catching up to 34 carp using floating bread or stalking with bread. We had suspended our monthly Coarse matches with the long cold spell, they will be resumed from May.

trout Fishing:

On the Trout side, we have had many anglers catching their limit with plenty taking 3lb+ fish regularly. Although plenty of fish are being caught it is not easy fishing with anglers working hard for their catch. All fish are in superb condition, fully finned and clean. Most fish have been taken about 3 feet down on a mixture of buzzers, montanas and fry imitations, mainly using floating lines. No large fish have been taken although several anglers have reported being broken. All three pools will be back in operation in the next week or so. We had suspended our monthly Trout matches with the long cold spell, they are being resumed from May, so do come along and have a go?

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Coarse Fishing:

June has been brilliant!

Trout Fishing:

June has been hard with Many bright, hot days consequently catches have slowed and we are expecting this to be the case during July and August too. This year for the first time we will be allowing “any method” Trout fishing on all three lakes. With plenty of fly, especially on Pallen, late evening fishing can be good with a tiniest of black dry fly. Better fish are about 2-3 feet down with Many cruising near the surface.

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August: No report made


One of our smallest Grass Carp, caught by Daniel Pearson of Llangollen, on floating chum mixer pellet at 4lbs.

A 3 1/2lb Rainbow from Pallen caught by young holidayer Harry Brooker from Brackley, Northants

Not so much a “Catch Report” but more of an “update”.

We have finally re-stocked our Trout Lake known as “Pallen” and topped up on Derwen week commencing 22/10. We have stocked with Rainbows and Blues from 2lb and up to 4lb; Pallen now looks superb. Meanwhile we are continuing re-planting the bottom of Weir lake with water plants as it fills up with all the recent rains, we don’t expect to re-stock this lake with Trout until sometime in the New Year.

This should give the water plants time to establish and begin to have an improving impact on the Lake’s ecology. It will also give us time to verify that the remedial work on plugging a leaking “hole” in the Lake Bank has also been successful?

From the House Pool a 15 1/2lb Common caught by Jamie Field of Caerphilly on floating dog biscuit in the Main Lake.

Trout are now cruising just below the surface with fry frequently jumping. Best time has been 1 hour before sunset. Best recent bag has been 4 Trout for 9½ with the best individual a 3½lb Rainbow from Pallen by young holidayer Harry Brooker from Brackley, Northants.

The best Coarse fish in recent weeks has been a 16lb Carp from the House Pool and a 15½lb Common caught by Jamie Field of Caerphilly on floating dog biscuit in the Main Lake. Another good double has been a 14lb Common from Main on Susage meat caught by Lee Whitfield of Llanarth.

Bill Stafford of Aberaeron has frequently had 24 or more carp in a morning session. His tactics have been to use a 1” open ended plastic ledger tube filled with semi-dry carp enticer mix and one soft hookable pellet on the hook. He fishes near (but not in) one of the aerators in the Main Pool. One of our smallest Grass Carp was caught by Daniel Pearson of Llangollen on floating chum mixer pellet at 4lbs. Meanwhile young Harry Studt of New Quay caught a lovely 6½lb Common just a few feet out from the bank by carefully dropping a luncheon meat baited hook directly into it’s mouth as he saw the fish rise for a floating bait.

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December: No report made

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