Fishing and Catch Reports during 2007

Catch reports for 2007

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Fish4Wales Spring Series 2007

Match 4 Nine Oaks, Aberaeron - 25th Feb 2007

Match Report:

Fish4Wales’s 1st visit to Nine Oaks for a full match was a success, even if the weights were lower than we had anticipated. For the second time in a row this match was a sell out with the maximum 18 fishing.

Nine Oaks favourite from recent visit’s was Brian Bevan, who had commented only the week previously that it’s the Angler and not the peg after once again having great success last sunday on peg 1, and may have wished he had stayed quiet after failing to finish in the top 5 today. Tony, also practicing on Peg 13, was having a very good day, and that peg at least stayed on form for this match.

Today the wind was very cold and quite strong at times making the long pole quite difficult and with the tow also not helping presentation bites were hard to come by, but for a few there were some Carp to be caught. Many of us myself included hooked and lost carp and the biggest for the day falling to Malc Hawkins weighing in at 6lb 10oz.

Congratulations to Malc, scoring a section win and 3rd overall at the same time from difficult to fish peg 6 with it’s over hanging trees, but hey Mal thats where the carp want to be, so maybe the pick up will ease the blow of all those rigs caught up in that tree. Steve Davies one of our recent new members was best adult on the day landing a respectable 19lb 13oz from the washing machine peg, well done Steve showing Dean and Chris there are fish in that peg, but it was a junior who showed us all how it’s done today, after drawing in form peg 13 Ryan set to work and annihilated the majority of the rest of the field finishing top rod on the day with 26lb 11oz recording his 1st F4W win and posting his highest match weight in the process. Well done Ryan, who says 13 is unlucky.

Results - Overall
position name Peg Weight Championship Points
1. Ryan Hughes 13 26lb 11oz 10 (junior)
2. Steve Davies 12 19lb 13oz 15
3. David Butler(Nine Oaks) 2 16lb 11oz n/a
4. Malc Hawkins 6 15lb 6oz 14
5. Tony Wale 3 12lb 13
6. Geoff Walker 11 11lb 9oz 12
7. Brian Bevan 11 11lb 9oz 12
8. John Hopkins 6 8lb 4oz 10
9. Terry Windschaffle 7 7lb 9
10. Paul Blackmore 16 6lb 8oz 8
11. Jeff Hollidge 5 6lb 3oz 7
12. Bill Stafford (Nine Oaks) 10 6lb n/a
13. Keith Fellowes 4 5lb 14oz 6
14. Nick Williams
(Sponsored by GOT Bait’s)
18 3lb 11oz 5
15. Ieuan Davies 14 3lb 11oz 5
16. Dean Gifford 1 2lb 13oz 3
17. Luke Bamford 8 2lb 1oz 9 (Junior)
18. Calvin Hughes 17 1lb 5oz 8 (Junior)
Sections results:
A section
Peg Name Weight Pos/Points
1 Dean Gifford 2lb 13oz 4
2 David Butler (Nine Oaks) 16lb 11oz n/a
3 Tony Wale 12lb 1
4 Keith Fellowes 5lb 14oz 3
5 Jeff Hollidge 6lb 3oz 2
B section
Peg Name Weight Pos/Points
6 Malc Hawkins 15lb 6oz 1
7 Terry Windschaffle 7lb 4
8 John Hopkins 8lb 4oz 3
10 Bill Stafford (Nine Oaks) 6lb n/a
11 Geoff Walker 11lb 9oz 2
C section
Peg Name Weight Pos/Points
12 Steve Davies 19lb 13oz 1
14 Ieuan Davies 3lb 11oz 4
15 Brian Bevan 11lb 9oz 2
16 Paul Blackmore 6lb 8oz 3
18 Nick Williams 3lb 11oz 4
Junior Section
Peg Name Weight Pos/Points
8 Luke Bamford 2lb 1oz 2
13 Ryan Hughes 26lb 11oz 1
17 Calvin Hughes 1lb 5oz 3
Biggest Fish was won by Malc Hawkins with a 6lb 10z Carp.
Here are the results of our previous match:-
pos’n name Peg Weight
1. Brian Bevan 3 65lb 1oz
2. Calvin Hughes 11 10lb 13oz
3. John Hopkins 4 8lb 1oz
4. Keith Fellowes 10 5lb 9oz
5. Dean Gifford 6 3lb 12oz
6. Nick Williams (GOT Bait’s) 5 3lb 6oz
7. Chris Barber 11 2lb 7oz

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Coarse Fishing:

young Harry Studt of New Quay (Wales) with a 6 1/2lb Common Carp. Paul Wells of Burryport, Llanelli with a 10 1/4lb common caught late in the evening which is a good time for Carp at Nineoaks

Fish are generally coming out from all over the lake. Curry flavoured luncheon meat and chum mixer pellets and floating bread are certainly bringing out the better Carp. While, maggots has been excellent for the Roach. Andy James from Tonteg, Mid.Glamorgan caught 4 Roach each well over the 1lb mark.

14yr old Daniel Pearson (from Llangollen) has had many doubles and near doubles over the Easter Weekend on Chum Mixers. His best of the week being a 10½lb Common (pictured).

Our aerators are on from 2am for awhile and then each afternoon for 1½hours when margin fishing is superb after the floating bait’s have been pushed towards the lake’s edges. The best fish over Easter from the main lake has been an unknown 20lb Common Carp caught by Trevor Thomas of Ton Kenfig, Cardiff.

The best from the House Pool has been a 10lb Common plus many good Bream up to 5lb being landed.

We won’t be netting the margins of the Main Lake again until after Easter. Since our last netting two weeks ago fishing has been really good with Most anglers having some excellent fishing!

Trout Fishing:

On the Trout lakes, after last years maintenance work on two of them, fishing has been excellent with Morning and evenings being best. Most anglers have bagged up with pink Damsels being the best fly. Most fish have been near the top until lunch time when fishing gets hard and then it improves as the evening shadows begin to grow longer. Best fish over the weekend has been a 3½lb Rainbow.

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No report made
Chris from Leeds with a nice common

The Novices pool continuers to produce plenty of ¾lb Commons and Mirrors with the occasional heavier fish with the best this year being a 10lb Carp.

Plenty of Carp are being caught in the House Pool with the best around 12lb, best Bream so far weighing in at 3lb. An exceptional Roach bag included 12 over the 1lb mark with the best at 1¾lb. In the first week of July a local angler caught and lost at the net a huge Roach estimated at well over 2lbs! Since January Tench have been caught regularly on sweetcorn!

Best bait has been maggots for the Roach, and Paste, Sweetcorn, Luncheon meat especially curry flavoured and Cat meats for the Carp, Bream and Tench with Bread and Dog mixer pellets as floating bait’s for the Carp.

Trout Fishing:

At the end of August 2006 the Weir lake was drained and left empty for some months before replanting it and then being re-stocked earlier this year. Since then Trout Fishing has been pretty good with some really hard fighting Blues and Rainbows coming out mainly on wet flies, buzzers, damsels, hoppers etc. and tiny black dry flies during the last hours of day light.

One angler had a good 2lb+ Blue that went about 2/3rd's the length of the lake before it could be turned - that’s hard fighting!

The other two lakes, Pallen and Derwen, have also produced regular sport with Trout in Derwen having a preference for something with a little pink in it! Again, mainly wet flies. Most Blue and Rainbow Trout are in the 2-3lb bracket with the occasional bigger fish.

Fishing costs £10 for catch and release (barbless or de-barbed hook), £14 for 2 fish, £18 for 3 and £24 for 4. Best bag so far has been 2 x 3lb and a 3½lb Rainbow. Not huge fish but good sporting fish well worth the effort.

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No report made


Coarse Fishing:

One of our smallest Grass Carp, caught by Daniel Pearson of Llangollen, on floating chum mixer pellet at 4lbs.

A 14lb Common for 14yr old Daniel from Llangollen

What can I say? Coarse Fishing has been excellent all summer and in recent weeks with floating bait’s (especially Bread and Dog mixer pellets) and Sweetcorn of curry flavoured Luncheon Meat on the bottom have been the best bait’s that have consistently produced some excellent fish.

The recent best has been a 16lb 2oz common followed by a 14lb 6oz Common and today (28th, October more doubles including one at 12lb). The last time young Daniel Pearson ((pictured) was here the average weight of his Carp during the whole of his holiday was 7lb per fish! Excellent by any standards.

A 10lb Common for 14yr old Daniel from Llangollen.

Best bag was on Friday 12th, October when Mr Savage from Newtown, was fishing on the end of the promontory using bread and various pellets, including Halibut, he caught no less than 39 Carp plus some good Roach; with the best Carp being a good double. Another angler, on the same day, fishing floating bread from the Helicopter Pad caught and lost a really good Carp when his size 10 Raptor hook was straightened during a good fight!

Several good sized Grass Carp have also been caught on Floating Bread and Dog Biscuit from the House and the Main Lakes. Bream to 2½lb on Maggot plus some fine Roach around the ½lb mark with the occasional Tench have also been landed.

While the weather is still relatively warm floating bait’s all around the fishery have been really producing the goods with Many anglers reporting their best fishing sessions ever!

Trout Fishing:

Trout fishing continues to be hard with plenty of fish feeding on small white flies (Canis) but reluctant to take a fly!

Trout are now cruising just below the surface with fry frequently jumping. Best time has been 1 hour before sunset. Best recent bag has been 4 Trout for 9½ with the best individual a 3½lb Rainbow from Pallen by young holidayer Harry Brooker from Brackley, Northants.

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Before year-end A Winter Picture showing the snow covering of the Main Lake A winter picture showing the snow covered entrance sign

Following the heavy snow and frozen lakes, except for the very hardy angler very few have ventured out. Most small Carp and decent Roach have come from the Novices Pool, mainly of float fished sweetcorn. All other lakes being covered in thick ice.

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