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General location of Ceredigion within Wales

The County of Ceredigion

Our local County

Ceredigion: Here in Ceredigion the crystal clear coastal waters provide challenging sport for Sea and Shore Anglers alike. Inland are some of the best Salmon and Trout waters anywhere and some of the best Coarse and Trout Fisheries in Wales, if not England.
An area not on the normal holiday horizon but a place definitely worth visiting, and once visited then you’ll wonder why you’ve never visited here on holiday before? Beautiful scenery, peaceful, stunning views, lots of natural wildlife including Bottle nosed Dolphins and Seals. An area like England was 60 years ago. Lovely, with almost no traffic lights or roundabouts!

Friendly and fun filled sea fishing trips in New Quay, Wales.

Bass Fishing Trips

In New Quay, Wales. Friendly and fun filled sea fishing trips and tours for all. Our trips are great for families and children and we provide free and easy to use fishing equipment. There is plenty of help for beginners and novices, and the best part is that you can take your catch home..

Telephone: 07989 496526

The name says it all

Fishing 4 Fun

A useful general purpose Angling Web site

One of the largest Fishing Directory Sites

Large Fishing and Angling Information Website

World Angling Champion Clive Branson, bringing you up-to date NEWS-VIEWS-TIPS-VENUE GUIDE and much more.

Sea and Boat fishing items

Useful Sea and Boat fishing site

1000’s Sea and Boat fishing items, tackle, rigs and so forth

getting kids to started on Fishing

Fishing for kids

Fishing is a classic family pastime and one of the most kid-friendly outdoor activities. A small investment in a rod and line, a little bit of patience, and soon the whole family will be engaged in a most peaceful, engaging and really fun sport bonding the whole family together There's nothing better than listening to the kids chatter at the end of the day, when it ends with Wow!

Large, useful Fishing directory

The FishCollective is a fishing directory, fishing holidays and a lot more

You can use this website to locate a fishing boat/charter, fishing lake, fishery, fishing holiday, angling association / club / society, and fishing supplies (ie fishing tackle, bait, rods, reels, accessories, etc).

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