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Pets are welcome at Nineoaks, however, when bringing your pet with you some considerations to bear in mind:-

  • A maximum of 2, clean and well-behaved dogs are welcome.
  • No cats, rabbits or other pets regardless of how well trained they are.
  • They must be kept under strict control at all times.
  • Please ensure that your pet(s) don't make a nuisance of themselves with other anglers or visitors.
  • When walking around the Fishery, please clean-up and doo-dahs left by them.
  • Theymust not be allowed on any furniture, including and especially the beds and couches.
  • You are expected to provide pet bedding for their use and when sleeping.
  • We would appreciate that you make provisions (towels, cloths etc.) to cater for drying and cleaning your pet(s) on wet or inclement days.
  • Please, making an attempt to keep the place clean and as hair free as possible would be appreciated.
  • Do remember, that after your departure we must get the accommodation clean, ready and fresh smelling for our next guests!
  • Any doodahs left by your pets within the grounds or neighbourhood must be collected and disposed of properly.
  • All pets by prior arrangement only.

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